Opened in 1969, the university's Centre for Foreign Languages is an inter-faculty unit which conducts classes of foreign languages within the following degree programmes:
  • 1st cycle - teaching courses in general English, German, Spanish, Russian, with elements of specialist languages, Latin and Greek, and in business English, Russian and German, and starting from level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • 2nd cycle - providing courses within all the above-mentioned languages, but with a greater emphasis on specialist languages in different fields;
  • 3rd cycle - offering academic English within doctoral studies.
Moreover, our teachers teach English, Russian, and German as part of foreign language workshops, addressing students of logistics and management, and are official examiners in the PhD examination process.
The centre employs experienced language teachers whose excellent teaching skills coupled with modern teaching techniques and aids create a friendly environment for effective language learning.

Contact: 0048 25 643 13 32, 0048 25 643 13 31