Studies in biology are aimed at people interested in discovering the secrets of life at all levels of the organization. During the three years of studies ending with obtaining a bachelor's degree, the undergraduate will acquire knowledge in the field of basic biological sciences: botany, zoology, ecology, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, animal physiology, plant physiology. Students learn the legal basis of nature protection in Poland and Europe, including the principles of the operation of the network of nature protection Natura 2000 as well as the methods and techniques of biodiversity protection. They also will learn to identify and inventory important habitats in European Community and threatened as well as invasive species of plants, animals, and fungi. They will use various methods and techniques used in field and laboratory research and will become familiar with the operation of advanced research equipment.

 The acquired knowledge, skills and competences will allow the undergraduate to work in research laboratories, in state and local administration offices, in institutions and enterprises whose activities are related to the protection and shaping of the natural environment. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, it will be possible to deepen your knowledge in the second degree of biology studies.

The University reserves the right not to open a department  or specialty when the number of accepted candidates is too low.

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