Information Security

Studies in the field of information security are addressed to high school graduates interested in the latest developments in digitization, who want to gain knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity, information protection and counteracting information warfare. The course is addressed to people who would like to work in specialist and expert positions in the area of cybersecurity and counteracting information threats.

Education in the field of information security covers knowledge in the area of security of ICT systems and networks, cybersecurity strategies and programs, security and database management, information security threats, personal data protection as well as preventing and combating cybercrime.

Information security is an interdisciplinary field of study, and the proposed educational modules allow for shaping the profile of a graduate aware of threats in the contemporary world, ready to start a professional career or to develop a further scientific career in a doctoral school. Studies in the field of information security will allow students to develop an interest in the issues of security, information management and the information dimension of activities, as well as satisfy their aspirations for self-improvement and self-development.

The graduate is prepared to work in organizational units of local and state administration as well as in public and private business entities in positions related to information management and ensuring its proper and secure operation.


Facultative module 1 - information security in public administration,

Facultative module 2 - information security in business sector.

The University reserves the right not to open a department  or specialty when the number of accepted candidates is too low.

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