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The UPH Welcome Center
- Office for Foreign Students and Academic Staff - has been operating at the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities since September 2021.

The office was established as a result of the University obtaining funding from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange as part of the Welcome to Poland 2020 project in the amount of 291 183,87 PLN.

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The newly established Welcome Center is aimed at the international academic community. The main goal of the Welcome Center's activities is to support international students through various forms of activity, improving the organizational capacity of the University to service foreigners, as well as shaping attitudes of openness and tolerance among employees and students of the university. 

As part of our activities, we carry out tasks such as:

  • providing international students and academic staff hosted at UPH with information about the university regarding e.g. course of studies, organization of the academic year, social matters
  • providing information on legal and formal issues related to e.g. with health insurance, visas or legalization of stay
  • providing assistance in matters of accommodation in student dormitories as well as in matters related to moving around the city and the surrounding area

Above all, the Welcome Center deals with the organization of intercultural workshops, open meetings, trainings and other events aimed at integrating international students with the local academic community of our University. Thus, the activities of the Welcome Center contribute to the implementation of the Universities' strategy in the area of ​​internationalization.   

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The Welcome Center is located in Siedlce at 17/19 Żytnia Street, Dormiotory no. 5 room 3 (ground floor).

Feel free to contact us:

Phone no. 0048 25 643 1580

Find us on Facebook & Instagram:

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